Antipole PC Trailer Released

We've created a new trailer to for the PC release of Antipole. Check it out below:

As a reminder, Antipole is available now for PC on Impluse and Desura, and also on Xbox Live Indie Games. Antipole will be coming to Nintendo DSiWare soon.


Antipole Released for PC

Antipole is now available for PC. Antipole can be purchased from Impulse for $4.99. Click here to download now. The PC version features improved graphics and additional challenge levels compared to the Xbox 360 version.

Stay tuned for updates on the Nintendo DSiWare version. The DSiWare version has been approved by Nintendo. We're currently waiting for Nintendo to give us an official release date.


Antipole Preview in Nintendo Power

Check out the June issue of Nintendo Power for a preview of the DSiWare version of Antipole. The issue will be available at newsstands on June 7th.


Antipole Coming Soon to Nintendo DSiWare

Development on Antipole for Nintendo DSiWare has been completed. This version of the game features additional challenge levels and a bonus mode for owners of Cosmos X2. For screenshots and more details, click here.